Tap Wine Installation

Barrel Heads on glass

Our head winemaker, David Lecomte, was in Nashville helping install taps into french oak barrel heads over the weekend.  He is rushing back to NY to get ready to accept the first grapes to be harvested in California–it’s an early harvest this season. The wooden barrel heads are anchored onto a glass wall, so that our guests can see the guts of our stainless steel tap system. The room behind the glass will be divided into a red room at 60 degrees and white room at 45 degrees. We plan to offer 14 wines on tap at the main bar, pictured above.  Lots of work left to do, but we thought we would share this update of our construction.

Nashville Stage – Concrete Poured – Amazing Sound System




Today the crews poured more than a ton of concrete on the stage building a super solid amazing stage.  Notice the cut outs for perfect sound placement of the sub woofers.  Our partner Meyer Sound are about to start the installation of an over-the-top sound system that is about to blow the pants off of Nashville!