City Winery’s Green Room Gets an Upgrade!


Walking into City Winery NYC’s new and improved green room, you would never guess it used to be one of the busiest spaces in the venue. Once packed wall to wall with City Winery’s management team, the 500 sq. ft. space has been transformed into a tranquil retreat for visiting performing artists.

The management team has moved to an office space right next to the venue, adding some open space and sunlight to the workplace setting. In the original office, the desks and computers have been replaced with new, comfortable seating and beautiful wood furniture. Complete with a make-up vanity, a brand new bathroom, and new amenities like a petite piano, this space is a peaceful haven for the traveling artist. The walls feature signed concert posters, provided by founder and CEO Michael Dorf.

City Winery has created a sophisticated but relaxed, green room tailored to the artist’s needs. The room is a home away from home, providing a comfortable space for a touring musician, a best-selling author, or a keynote speaker. The space allows the artist to focus and get in the right state of mind for their performance at City Winery. City Winery is proud of every artist that comes through its doors, and we imagine with this new green room it may be a little difficult for them to leave – we can understand why!


Citizen Cope warming up in the new green room on 3/15