Peter Asher and Albert Lee (6/21), Two Greats/One Night


These two greats come together to tell stories and play music from across the genre they helped to create.

Peter Asher and Albert Lee’s historical journey through rock n’ roll began with the Everly Brothers. Lee was the musical director of the Everly brothers for 25 years during which Peter Asher and his former stage partner, Gordon Waller, crafted their sound with Everly Brother’s influences.

One of the Everly Brothers’ greatest hits “Crying in the Rain” was written by a number of songwriters including Carole King, who worked with Asher on her and James Taylor’s album, Live at the Troubadour.

While Peter Asher helped mold James Taylor’s sound, Albert Lee joined Emmylou Harris’ Hot Band as its former guitar player, and one of Lee’s heroes, James Burton left the band to rejoin none other than Elvis Presley.

Asher knew when he co-founded Peter & Gordon that he didn’t want to play or look like Elvis, though he often sites Buddy Holly as a major influence. Asher once even brought a Buddy Holly album cover to his optician so he could have eyewear resembling Holly’s.

From the artists who influenced Peter Asher and Albert Lee, to the artists molded and influenced by these legendary music directors and producers, their show at City Winery Atlanta on June 21st is sure to impress. Few other duos have had as wide a range of influence on the genre of rock n’ roll and few are able to produce as astounding of a tour through rock history as Peter Asher and Albert Lee.