Happy Earth Day from City Winery Boston!


Happy Earth Day from City Winery Boston! Here are a few green facts about City Winery’s winemaking!

80% of the wine we produce ends up in our tap program.

Our tap wines are low in sulfites and do not go thorough fining or heavy filtration, these are all natural beauties!

Therefore, our tap wines produce less waste (no glass, cork or labels neeeded) and are GREENER!

During harvest, our stems and skins, commonly referred to as  “must,” go on to live another life!  We either pass them on as compost, or hand them over to a neighboring distillery to be made into something yummy like Grappa!

Our kegs have quick turn-around and are easily cleaned, providing a reliable and reusable container for our wines.

The lees (residual or dead yeast that rests in the bottom of some barrels) that is pulled from our wines is given to our City Winery kitchen to be used for making our famous flatbreads.

The grapes we source come to us in reusable bins that are rinsed and cleaned after we press the grapes, and sent back to their homes in California, Washington and Oregon.