Announcing new shows: Art Garfunkel, Living Colour, Tiempo Libre, Anders Osborne & Jackie Greene, Ruthie Foster and more!



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Tiempo Libre – Bohemia | 8.2
Living Colour – 6pm and 9pm shows | 9.3
Art Garfunkel: In Close-Up | 9.11-12
Ruthie Foster | 9.14
UNPLUGGED: A Survivor’s Story in Scenes & Songs |10.22
Anders Osborne & Jackie Greene | 11.4
And more…

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City Winery Featured On MSNBC “Your Business”


On June 4th City Winery founder and CEO Michael Dorf was featured on MSNBC‘s Your Business.  He discusses the origins of his unique business model, how the company was forced to adapt in the midst of an economic crisis, and his bright vision for the future. Watch the full segment below!

June 4, 2017: This $50 million dining business started as an urban winery with innovations like wine on tap. Now City Winery has a state of the art live music venue and hosts private events. Founder, Michael Dorf balanced multiple revenue streams and duplicated his business in five cities.

Announcing: Arsenio Hall, Marc Cohn, Amel Larrieux, Candlebox, Ray Wylie Hubbard, Crystal Bowersox, Great Moments in Vinyl, Story Sessions and more!



Story Sessions Brunch | 2.12
Great Moments in Vinyl – Music & Wine Pairing | 2.13
Candlebox – 10:30 pm show | 3.31
Amel Larrieux – 7pm & 10pm shows | 4.8
Crystal Bowersox | 4.9
Marc Cohn | 4.14-15
Arsenio Hall – 7pm & 10pm | 4.29
Ray Wylie Hubbard | 5.6
And more!

VinoFile pre-sale: 1.24 | Public on-sale: 1.26

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Wrapping Up The Riverwalk

As much as I don’t want to admit it, summer is gone and fall is upon us. Fall-lovers – congratulations! It is finally cozy, leaf-shoveling, sweater-weather.

Those hanging on to those glorious days of summer, you have been lucky with these 60+ degree fall days; but unfortunately for you, the cold is definitely on its way.

With the cold comes a sad announcement: City Winery Chicago at the Riverwalk is closed for the season. October 31st was the last day that our Riverwalk location was open for 2016.

I started my internship in September here at City Winery, and got to go to the riverwalk one of my first days on the job. It was an absolutely gorgeous day on the river, and the lunch that I had from CWC made the view and the atmosphere that much more enjoyable. I was surprised to find out that it was only our second summer out on the river, as it had seemed like this place was such a staple in the Loop and at the Riverwalk.

Our second location opened on June 12, 2015. We opened on the Riverwalk to bring a taste of our West Loop location downtown to the Loop. The absolutely incredible view coupled with some of our best West Loop dishes and a large wine and beer menu, the Riverwalk location has offered the perfect spot for both locals and tourists to enjoy the sights of our city during the warm months.

Our staple at City Winery is our live music, and we couldn’t open our second location without including some of what makes us who we are. So, this summer, we hosted live performances by artists such as Paulo Garcia, Jonas Friddle, Gussied, Aryk Crowder and more. And, of course, we can’t have City Winery without the wine —  we also introduced many more wine events at our Riverwalk location. Plus, we added 60 additional seats so that we could hold more of you in 2016!

If you’ve ever visited us on a beautiful summer day, I don’t think you could argue that there is a better place to relax and have a drink and a meal. Our Italian Baratta plate and Rosé wine flew off the shelves at the Riverwalk. For those of you who didn’t have the chance to visit this summer, now you can see for yourself – here are some of the best pictures our guests took at City Winery Riverwalk this season!





With the Riverwalk season coming to an end, we here at City Winery Chicago want to thank you for enjoying our city and the beautiful weather down at the Riverwalk with us this summer. As sad as it is to say goodbye to summer 2016, we can’t wait to open on the Riverwalk in 2017! Until then, come visit us in the West Loop.

-Dori – City Winery Chicago Marketing Intern



Help Us Cure Violence in our Community

The violence that has plagued Chicago (and many other cities in America) hit close to home at City Winery this week. One of our staff members lost his life to gun violence on Tuesday. Laron McCoy will be remembered as a fine young man and a hard worker. We are devastated that his life was taken in such a senseless act. City Winery has set up a fundraising page to help Laron’s family cover his funeral expense. If you are able to help, you can donate here.

Instead of feeling helpless or hopeless, we want to use our pain and frustration to help end the epidemic of gun violence in our city and beyond. We do have the power to change. Please consider supporting an organization that is making real progress in our community, in other cities and around the world. Cure Violence uses proven strategies to interrupt violence before it spreads. Learn more about their work and progress below.

Help us honor Laron’s memory by working to prevent future acts of violence. Let us not resign to thinking that violence is inevitable. We can and must work to make our communities safe for everyone.


City Winery Returns to the Chicago Riverwalk

In the spring of 2015, the City of Chicago presented City Winery with the opportunity to open a location on the Chicago Riverwalk. This was a chance to offer our locally-made made wine in a unique beautiful setting on the Chicago River. Chicagoans and visitors alike responded very positively and we are thrilled to return to the Riverwalk in 2016.

City Winery Chicago at the Riverwalk re-opened on May 2nd on the south side of the Chicago River between State St and Dearborn St with additional space added this year to accommodate more tables and a standing Wine Garden for tastings and private events. Also new this year, City Winery at the Riverwalk will offer retail wine bottles produced at our West Loop location specifically for the Riverwalk. Beyond wine, the bar menu also includes beer, cocktails and non-alcoholic beverages.

The Riverwalk serves an eclectic food menu featuring sandwiches, salads, light bites and desserts. Like our Randolph location, the food complements the wine and visitors can enjoy cheese and charcuterie with their favorite varietal.

We believe that music also pairs well with wine and adds to a unique and refined experience. We are excited to bring live music to the Riverwalk every Thursday through Sunday from 3pm to 6pm.

Whether you arrive on foot, by boat, on the train or in a taxi, we look forward to welcoming you to the City Winery at the Riverwalk. Come for a drink, a bite to eat, or bring a group for a private event in one of the most scenic settings that the city has to offer. Chicagoans have always done an exceptional job of taking advantage of good weather and we invite you to do just that at City Winery Chicago on the Riverwalk. Cheers!

City Winery at the Riverwalk  up close

City Winery at the Riverwalk up close.

City Winery at the Riverwalk from afar.

City Winery at the Riverwalk from afar.

Help Support Our Friend Marshall Crenshaw

City Winery friend Marshall Crenshaw is working on a documentary on the late great Tom Wilson. Please read on and consider supporting him on the wonderful project!

Hello From Marshall:

As Bob Dylan’s record producer from “Blowin’ In the Wind” through “Like a Rolling Stone,” Tom Wilson signed The Velvet Underground and produced their first two albums. He “discovered” Sun Ra, Cecil Taylor, Frank Zappa and The Mothers of Invention, and added electric instruments to Simon and Garfunkel’s “Sounds of Silence,” giving them their first hit.

He did all of that and more, but wound up dying a pauper’s death at age 47 in 1978.
WHAT HAPPENED?? This question has been obsessing me since I first caught on to his story just over 2 years ago. Since then I’ve been thinking and researching, making important contacts of all kinds, and have started filming interviews for a Tom Wilson documentary. But I want to keep going and take things to the next level, and for that I need to ask for your support. Ultimately the movie will be a team effort, but right now it’s just me, and hopefully you…

Please follow this link and check out the story:

Thanks for your support & engagement, and hopefully, I’ll see you at the movies!

Marshall Crenshaw