Announcing New Shows: John Popper (Of Blues Traveler), Joni Mitchell 75th Birthday Show, 30DB w/ Jeff Austin & Brendan Bayliss, Joanne Shaw Taylor, Shawn Mullins in The Loft & MORE!

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Joanne Shaw Taylor & JD Simo | 8.27
The Lords of 52nd Street | 9.1
Terry Bozzio | 9.5
3DB with Jeff Austin and Brendan Bayliss (Early and Late) | 9.8
John Popper – the Hits, The Stories, The Experience | 9.27
Joni Mitchell 75th Birthday Tribute w/ Special Guest Morgan
James Performing Blue in its entirety | 11.4
The Loft at City Winery:
Popa Chubby (The Loft) | 8.14
Shawn Mullins (The Loft) | 8.21
Birds Of Chicago (The Loft) | 9.25

Announcing New Shows: Joe Purdy, Miki Howard, Chris Blue, Red Molly, Alejandro Escovedo & MORE!

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Miki Howard – 8.1
Chris Blue – 8.19
Alejandro Escovedo & Joe Ely – 8.20
Red Molly – 9.6
The High Kings – 9.14
Boyce Avenue – 9.16 & 9.17
The Loft at City Winery:
The Amy Black Band (Brunch Show) – 6.17
Casey James – 7.6
Buckwheat Zydeco Jr and the Legendary ILs Sont Partis Band
Perla Batalla in the House of Cohen – 8.10
Chapell – 8.16
Alicia Witt – 8.28
Darling West – 9.16

Announcing New Shows! Paula Cole, God Street Wine, LLoyd Cole, The Fixx & MORE!

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Paula Cole 7.13
God Street Wine: Modern Vintage (30th Anniversary Tour) 8.4
Paris Combo 8.5
Lloyd Cole: The Retrospective Tour Two Sets of his Music (1983-1996) 8.9
The Fixx 8.30
Nils Lofgren 9.30

THE LOFT at City Winery
Wassabasco Burlesque 5.18,6.8 & 8.3
Strictly Sinatra 6.7
David Keenan 6.20
Micah Nelson’s Particle Kid 7.8

Vinofile Members 4.24
Public 4.26


A Message From The Zombies:

“Zombies North American tour to go forward in honor of Jim Rodford.”

On behalf of The Zombies and our extended family, we are grateful for the outpouring of love and support from fans, following the tragic and sudden loss of Jim Rodford.

Jim can never be replaced. Not only did his bass playing anchor the band for the past 18 years…Jim’s joy and professionalism as a musician has been an inspiration to every member of The Zombies since he helped organize their first rehearsal back in 1961.

Nevertheless, one of the many principles we learned from Jim is that “the show must go on”, and in that spirit, we want to assure fans that The Zombies will continue.

Preparations are being made for the band to perform their North American tour February 27 – March 25, 2018 as scheduled. More information will be announced as soon as possible.

The Zombies

City Vineyard New Years Eve along the Hudson River! Book your table!

Join us at City Vineyard for New Years Eve along the Hudson River!

This year we are offering the exclusive City Vineyard experience on New Years Eve. What better place to celebrate than the Vineyard!? In addition to our beautiful, unobstructed views of the Hudson River and our famous #WineOnTap, we are bringing you a whole bunch of 2018 #CountdownSpecials! Reservations are already filling up, so make yours today to ring in the new year at the Vineyard!

MAKE RESERVATIONS NOW! Our dining room WILL fill up!



- Romantic, unobstructed Views of the Hudson River & Jersey City Fireworks!

- Heated patio lounge
(complete with blankets, pillows, & full food/drink service)

- Complimentary Sparkling Wine toasts every hour!

- Magnum raffle!

- Chefs specials featuring prefixe or a la carte options!

- Seafood towers!

- Seafood tower for 2 + bottle of bubbles for $99!

- Midnight surprise views of the fireworks!

Aasif Mandavi’s All-Star Deportation Jamboree full of laughs and support


City Winery welcomed big names from comedy, music, and activism for last night’s exuberant All-Star Deportation Jamboree.

Led by Aasif Mandavi, the show gathered big names like Lewis Black, Wanda Sykes, Anoushka Shankar, Connie Britton, Questlove, Mandy Patinkin, Heems, Grace Weber, Hasan Minaj, Roy Wood, Jr., Sasheer Zamata, Maysoon Zayid, Seth Herzog, Aparna Nancherla and Rajiv Satyal to help raise money for American Civil Liberties Union and International Rescue Committee.

Wanda Sykes 042617-Al Pereira (3)Sasheer Zamata 042617-Al Pereira (9) Riz and Heems 042617-Al Pereira (4)Aasif Mandvi 042617-Al Pereira (8)photos courtesy Al Pereira


Mandavi wrote about the importance of the cause on his instagram: “As an immigrant and the child of immigrants I want to raise as much money and as many voices as we possibly can to support the work of the ACLU and the IRC as they fight for the rights of immigrants and refugees.”

Rajiv Satyal 042617-Al Pereira (5) Questlove 042617-Al Pereira (10)photos courtesy Al Pereira


Between laughs (including one of Questlove’s Prince stories) and songs (capped by Riz’s poignant piece about stereotypes), the room was filled with solidarity and good spirits. By the time Mandavi declared his call to action for involvement and support, the crowd was ready to join him in the fight.

Lewis Black 042617-Al Pereira (6) Grace Weber 042617-Al Pereira (20) Connie Britton 042617-Al Pereira (7)Aasif Mandvi 042617-Al Pereira (1)photos courtesy Al Pereira


Thank you to everyone who joined us for this important night and helped raise $100,000 for the ACLU and IRC!

Announcing New Shows: The Music of Jimmy Webb Live Rehearsal Show, Joseph Arthur, Michelle Shocked (Summer Residency), The Bacon Brothers, Billy Bragg & More!

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 Music of Jimmy Webb Live Rehearsal Show- 5.2
Sons & Daughters of the Blues Revue feat. Buddy Guy & the Sons & Daughters of the Blues (benefiting the Prostate Cancer Awareness Cause) – 5.21
Marc Broussard & Ted Broussard Acoustic- 6.1.17 (VF PRE-SALE ONLY)
Joseph Arthur performing Redemption Son in it’s entirety and more! – 6.23
Michelle Shocked (Summer Residency) – 6.26, 7.31 & 8.21
Billy Bragg (Early & Late Show)- 10.16
The Bacon Brothers- 8.22 & 8.23
& more!

NYC (3)

City Winery is proud to support these great fundraisers! Benefits for Church Street School & The Women’s March (photos)

City Winery is always thrilled to have the opportunity to support local organizations and national causes. Over the past few weeks, we’ve hosted two important fundraisers.

On January 4th, neighbors and supporters of The Church Street School for Music & Art came together to help the school raise crucial funds. Organized by City Winery CEO and Tribeca resident, the benefit concert featured appearances by Jennifer Nettles, Lee Ranaldo (Sonic Youth), Ed Burns and more. $100,000 was raised to help keep the school open. The Church Street school is also a beneficiary of Dorf’s “Music Of” series.

church street md

church street 3

church street2

church street

(Photos courtesy Bobby Bank)

Then, on January 15th, we hosted a fundraiser for NYC Supports the Women’s March on Washington. In collaboration with City Winery, the concert was organized by Karen Waltuch and the official local New York City Chapter of the Women’s March on Washington (WMW) and 100% of the net proceeds from the event was donated to directly to support the Women’s March on Washington. The concert featured performances by a multi-cultural lineup of NYC artists, including Yo La Tengo Mazz Swift, Ani Cordero, Larkin Grimm & Anais Maviel, Arooj Aftab and Charlotte Greve, Felice Rosser’s Faith, Pyeng Threadgill & Derek Neivergelt, Elena Moon Park, Sonia De Los Santos, and members of LADAMA, Camila Meza, Leni Stern and Kyp Malone. In addition, a sign making workshop was hosted during the afternoon.

womens march 5

womens march 4

womens march 3

womens march 2

womens march(Photos courtesy Enid Farber)


Founder Michael Dorf’s take on the evolution of City Winery

City Winery’s founder & CEO, Michael Dorf, recently chatted with journalist, Rebecca Pratt, about the evolution of City Winery. Read on for a peek behind the curtain!

How did you get involved in City Winery?

I started City Winery in 2008.  I had started earlier a club in NYC in 1987 called The Knitting Factory which grew into a large entertainment company.  In 2002, I sold my interests and in 2004 made a barrel of wine in California. I caught the bug.  Always loved drinking wine as a fan, but now, wanted to get deeper in the creation of this consumable art form. As they say in winemaking, it is easy to make good wine, it is harder to sell it.  I combined my interests and thought, if I programmed great music in a sit-down environment, that a more sophisticated audience will enjoy a glass of wine served in Reidel perhaps more than other beverages.  I was right, about 70% of our beverage sales are wine, and we make more than half of what we sell to our customers.

What makes you happiest about City Winery?

I love that we are really authentic.  We source great grapes from about 30 vineyards in California, Oregon, and some from Washington, upstate NY, and even parts of Georgia for our Atlanta facility.   I love how the concept is working in cosmopolitan markets around the country, showing that there are sophisticated audiences, young and old, in many great cities everywhere.  I love how we have great relationships with the artists who work with us, many enjoying their experience “working” at City Winery more than any other venues on the circuit.  That is in particular very fulfilling these days, to know that the “medium” we have created is really working for the precious musicians making a living using our stages.

What is the most interesting thing that has happened to you since you started City Winery?

Besides loosing more hair, what I love has been the discovery of winemakers who are huge music fans, chefs who are really closet rock and rollers, and the musicians who hold the chefs and winemakers in the utmost celebrity.  There is such mutual respect and bringing them together has been most interesting.

What do you look for when you recruit people for your team?

Background, resume, and academic history are NOT the most important. It is the person, are they passionate about what they want to do?  Do they enjoy their work so much, that the lines between work and play are very gray? In fact, in our business, the lines are very gray and hopefully you want to be here, want to be seeing a concert, want to be learning about wine, and want to be hanging with other folks who enjoy both.   There is no other restaurant or culinary option to actually make wine, so for someone who wants to be in hospitality, but go deeper into wine, we are the place.  If you happen to also be in the place where your favorite singer is also hanging out, we are your place.  Those are rare and cool unique points that other places are more challenged to work for.  We might not have the free soda machine in the office next to the yoga suite near the HR lounge, but we have other perks that make our place special.  We look for people who want our culture.  We think it is cool and so do 750 other current employees.

What is a quirky, little-known fact about you?

I’m into hiking and mountaineering.  I’m a very good ping pong player, I am embarrassed to say, I do like golf.  I would say, the one fact, not perhaps that public is I used to do some oil painting.  I love great art and did a few pieces in college.  There was a moment when I was 22 years old, hanging out in Europe, sitting in cafes pondering life, that I wondered if I should do something less businessney and more personal and arty, and pursue abstract painting. You know, drink wine in a small studio in Amsterdam or Barcelona and paint.   I don’t know if I have any real talent, but I know what I like. So, I did some work, more private.  The first name for The Knitting Factory that came from sitting in cafe’s was something called “Expressoism”  which turned into several other names before it morphed into The Knitting Factory.

Allen Stone, Asleep At The Wheel, Cabinet of Wonders, Wasabassco Burlesque and more on sale next week!


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Wasabassco Burlesque: Summer In The City Winery | 8.5
Wesley Stace’s Cabinet of Wonders | 9.30, 10.28, 11.26
An Intimate Night with Allen Stone: My Favorite Songs, Favorite Stories (Early & Late Shows) |10.14
Asleep At The Wheel | 10.18

Guest Added:
Blind Boy Paxton w/ Dave & Phil Alvin w/ The Guilty Ones | 8.31