City Winery Chicago World Music Primer

Here at City Winery Chicago, we have an expansive and eclectic line-up of music coming through our state of the art venue. Not only the top folk, rock, and jazz artists, but also a wide swath of the top artists in world music. What exactly is world music? Well, just like there are different genres within rock and jazz, there are many different types of music in the overarching “world music” universe. Depending on which country the groups are from will dictate where the emphasis lies in the rhythm, instruments and tone. Here are a few quick explanations of some of the world music artists we have coming in the next few months to City Winery Chicago.

– One of the biggest reoccurring events we will have is the weekly Sunday Klezmer Brunch where we will have groups from Chicago and beyond playing traditional Klezmer music while the audience dines on delicious lox, bagels and more. Klezmer music has its origins in Eastern Europe and is a musical tradition in Judaism. The music is written¬†for dances (such as the Hora) and religious ceremonies (such as weddings). The most popular usage, and most recognizable, is from the musical and film The Fiddler on the Roof. The Klezmer groups, musicians known as Klemorim, consist of violins, piano, tsimbl (a kind of dulcimer), and most importantly a clarinet. The music is lively, melodic, and irresistible to dance to, and often mimics the human voice in tone and musicality. The first group we’ll have performing is the Chicago Klezmer Ensemble. You can check out a clip of them performing a dance tune here.

– Brazilian artist Bebel Gilberto¬†will take over our stage for two nights September 14th and 15th. Gilberto is one of the top-selling Brazilian artists in the US and has had her music featured in movies such as Closer, Rio, and Eat, Pray, Love, as well as TV shows such as “Sex and the City” and “Six Feet Under”. She beautifully combines the bossa nova beats of her native Brazil with jazz and electronic music to create an intoxicating sound that will quickly transport you to a quiet beach in Rio. Gilberto has an extraordinary voice that floats and flows over the music like a calming tide. Give her a listen with this video here and this one here.

– From Brazil we will jump across the Atlantic to Portugal for an evening with Deolinda, a group who takes inspiration from the traditional Portuguese musical style, Fado, and then gives it an upbeat spin. Traditionally Fado is a more melancholy style born from the lower class workers in the harbors of Portugal. However, Deolinda takes only the structure and idea of Fado; their songs are far from sad. They infuse a playful upbeat nature in their music. The guitars jump and dance around the melody while lead singer Ana Bacalhau’s exquisite voice slides and turns around the guitars. Come join us September 24th for what is sure to be a night of beautiful music couple with delicious wines from Portugal. See a preview of Deolinda here.

– Portugal one night, to Romania the next! September 25th brings Romanian brass band Fanfare Ciocarlia to the City Winery Chicago stage. Consisting of 12 members playing trumpets, bass drums, tubas, clarinets and more, Fanfare Ciocarlia is a world-famous group that has played in over a thousand shows in 50 countries. Their music includes hints of Romanian folk music, traditional Serbian music, and even Hollywood and Bollywood music. They play fast and they play energetically. It’s hard to exactly describe their sound, but know you will not be disappointed, nor will you be able to resist clapping your hands and stomping your feet. Take a look at this video for their cover of “Born to be Wild” and try not to smile.

– In October we have a truly unique group of musicians gracing our stage. Acoustic Africa will be bringing an evening of exciting, rhythmic, and inspiring music from some of the continents greatest female vocalists and musicians. Featuring Grammy winner vocalist/percussionist/dancer Dobet Ghanore, accomplished bassist and vocalist Manou Gallo, and new sensation vocalist/guitarist Kareyce Fotso, they will showcase an intoxicating blend of traditional African music, pop, R&B, and dance. All three artists are famous throughout the world on their own, and it will definitely be a special evening when they all join together in our intimate venue. How we are going to contain all that talent in one room is anybody’s guess. We may have to open the doors to the patio for extra dance space.

We hope this has helped give you a better understanding of the wide range of amazing acts we have coming to City Winery Chicago, and entices you to pay us a visit. For more information about our shows and these artists, check out our calendar page!