Announcing Vine to Glass: Wine Bootcamp 2017


City Winery Nashville is excited to announce Vine to Glass: Wine Bootcamp 2017! Join the City Winery Wine Team for an informative and explorative course that broadens your understanding of wine. $35/class or $120 package. Each class includes tastes of four wines and light cheeses.

Wine Bootcamp 101: Winemaking – Our in-house Assistant Winemaker Laura Cypress will teach you the basic in’s and out’s of winemaking 101. January 18th

Wine Bootcamp 102: Behind The Label – Have you ever walked into a wine store and become frustrated because you’re unable to understand the wine label? This class will break down the critical information you’ll need to better understand what kind of wine you are purchasing. February 22nd

Wine Bootcamp 103: New World vs. Old World Regiosn – The distinction between New World and Old World are commonly misunderstood. In this class, we will explore the difference between these two styles and the history behind them both. March 15th

Wine Bootcamp 104: Sparkling, Sweet & Fortified Wines – A topic frequently skimmed over in most wine course, we will cover the methods of production, wine styles and tastes, and provide pairing suggestions. April 12th

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