City Winery Nashville 2016 Concert Highlights

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Patty Griffin

We had Patty in the City Winery Nashville venue for the first time on behalf of an edited showcase during AmericanFest in 2015. It was really exciting to have her return for a couple full shows a year later. Both of her shows in November of 2016 were sold out, what a crowd! For her first show, she was joined on stage by Buddy Miller, and for her second, she did a song with Emmylou Harris. It doesn’t get much better than that.

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Emmylou Harris Residency benefiting Bonaparte’s Retreat

In May, we had four shows with Emmylou Harris and a rotating list of some of the best musicians in Nashville including Sam Bush, Patty Griffin and Buddy Miller, ending the four-play with her longtime duet partner, Rodney Crowell. In addition to a night of legendary songwriting, we were able to donate $80,000 for Emmylou’s charity.

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Maynard James Keenan

In November, we hosted the amazingly popular and eccentric Tool frontman, Maynard James Keenan. This was the first of a run of shows that he has never done before – Q&A in support of his new biography. No questions that were being asked were discussed prior to the show with Maynard, making the evening completely spontaneous. The show sold out in minutes, and the audience clung to his every word. No music was played at all, simply two hours of Maynard speaking in-depth about his book.

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Graham Nash

In April, we had two nights of Graham Nash. This was an absolutely surreal evening. Graham was very comfortable, open and full of stories. It was great to hear him discuss the songwriting process and memories of each song. To top it all off, he came out on stage and played the entire show barefoot.

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Jimmy Webb/Glen Campbell Birthday

We were honored to host The Campbell family for Glen’s 80th birthday celebration in early May. The show was a retrospective, intimate, personal story-telling of the long-time and productive musical collaboration between Webb and Campbell. Jimmy sat at the piano all night playing his best known creations recorded by Campbell while images of the two of them displayed across a screen for the audience to enjoy. He told many stories about his relationship with Campbell, some humorous and some touching.

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The Zombies

This was City Winery Nashville’s first time presenting The Zombies, and they did not disappoint. They played their show, all the old hits and new songs alike, with the same excitement and preciseness they’ve done for the 30 years of their career. Solid, impressive show.

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Peter Wolf

For years, we had been trying to get Peter Wolf to play City Winery Nashville. After we opened the City Winery Atlanta location, we finally had the opportunity to host him. Thank goodness for Atlanta, or we may still be waiting to bring Peter down south! His show did not disappoint.

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Ani DiFranco

We had a two-night run with Ani at the end of June. Not only were Ani and her staff personable and easy to work with, but her shows were amazing. Simple, intimate, and different than any show she’s ever done in Nashville previous to her last City Winery tour.

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We frequently host shows similar in style to Ambrosia…Atlanta Rhythm Section, Firefall, Pure Prairie League. We’ve always thought of Ambrosia as a top tier band from this era. Although we initially had difficulty finding a fitting date, City Winery Atlanta helped the Nashville location bring them down in December. There was an abundance of excitement having them in town. The crowd really enjoyed their music, especially the harmonies!