City Winery Nashville All Stars: Alexandra Cole

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Our blog series, “City Winery Nashville All Stars,” is meant to share the hidden talents and unique qualities of our entire staff. Enjoy another peek inside our location’s employees’ lives outside the workplace.

This week’s City Winery Nashville’s All Star is Private Events Coordinator Alexandra Cole.

Where were you born, and how long have you lived in Nashville?

Born in Daphne, Alabama. Lived in Nashville for two years.

How long have you worked at City Winery? What is your role?

I started working at City Winery in June of 2015 as a server, and I’ve been working in my new position as Private Events Coordinator since January of 2017.

Have you always been interested in private events? Why? If not, what else interests you?

I love all things hospitality! I got involved in private events from the service/operations side of things while I was working in hotels, conference centers, and country clubs. I enjoyed the environment so much that I went to Auburn University to study hospitality management. It is incredibly rewarding. It’s such a privilege to help turn someone’s vision into a reality and play an integral role in bringing people together.

You’re also a talented musician and songwriter. Tell us more!

I’ve been singing and writing songs for as long as I can remember, and I started playing guitar almost eight years ago. I perform almost exclusively for my dog from the comfort of my living room (she’s my biggest fan), but it’s always a rush to try out new tunes in front of a live audience. That is definitely something I plan on doing more of in the future, and luckily, Nashville has no shortage of open mic nights and writer’s rounds!

Have a listen.

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