City Winery Nashville All Stars: Bill Anton


Our blog series, “City Winery Nashville All Stars,” is meant to share the hidden talents and unique qualities of our entire staff. Enjoy another peek inside our location’s employees’ lives outside the workplace.

This week’s City Winery Nashville’s All Star is Wine Maker Bill Anton.

Where were you born, and how long have you lived in Nashville?
Born in Bay Shore, New York. Two years in Nashville.

How long have you worked at City Winery? What is your role?
Since 2009. Started as the Assistant Wine Maker in New York and Chicago, before taking the wine-making position here in Nashville.

Have you always been interested in wine-making? Why? If not, what else interests you?
To some degree, yes. I have always enjoyed wine and became intrigued by the wine-making process after completing culinary school. My other interests include endurance sports, such as cycling and triathlons. I completed Ironman Chattanooga 70.3 in May of 2016 and Ironman Racine 70.3 in July of 2014. I am signed up to do Ironman Boulder 70.3 this coming August.

You’re also a talented thoroughbred jockey. Tell us more!
Yes, I was a thoroughbred jockey for sixteen years. I had the opportunity to ride with some of the most talented jockeys in the industry, as well as riding at amazing racetracks all over the United States and UK. My son William is currently one of the top ten jockeys at Golden Gate Fields in San Francisco. He’s a much better rider than I ever was. :)

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