City Winery Chicago Construction Progress

Construction is on schedule and we are still very much on time for getting our final inspection and occupancy July 27th.  The glass front facade windows and large glass curtain wall on the new building will go up in the next few weeks fully enclosing the space.  This then will allow our interior finishes to get done.  We already have some large winery equipment arriving and that part of the overall facility starts to take real shape now with stainless steel tanks, barrel racking, and the labyrinth of pipes and wires in the winery.  It is also only been two weeks since the stairs went in to the balcony in the new building, but the views looking East to the skyline and perfect view of the Willis Tower is amazing.
The chairs, tables, lighting etc. have all been ordered and waiting for delivery when the space gets cleaned. Meanwhile the 6 large glass wine bottles being turned into chandeliers are being fabricated and will be finished in a couple of weeks.  Seeing those through the glass curtain wall will be so cool.