“Say Cheese”

Today, we had the pleasure of taking a little field trip over to our favorite cheese maker in town, Murray’s! Located on Bleecker Street, a quick walk from City Winery, Murray’s has been bringing people some of the tastiest cheeses since 1940. In case you didn’t already know, City Winery is proud to have Murray’s as our exclusive cheese and charcuterie provider. Because after all, what pairs better with wine than cheese and meat? Needless to say, during our visit, we learned and ate A LOT!

Jason, a cheese expert from Murray’s, gave us an extensive tour throughout Murray’s shop and into its cheese caves to teach us about cheeses from all over the world. The first thing we learned worth sharing is that most cheeses, after aging for at least 48 hours, lose their lactose. So that’s good news for all of you who are lactose intolerant!

Another fun fact we learned on our tour, was that the reason some cheeses have such a stinky smell is because the bacteria in those cheeses is the same bacteria that causes our armpits and feet to smell. Ok, so maybe that fact wasn’t so fun, but it definitely caught our attention.

We also took away some valuable information about serving cheeses, which may come in handy for you too! Some nice complements to cheese include: almonds, olives, dried fruits, seasonal fruits, chutney, fruit pastes and charcuterie. Cheese is best served on wood or marble stone boards surrounded by grapes, nuts, bread, and of course, wine. Choose 3-5 cheeses for each course and arrange clockwise on the board with the first cheese placed at midnight.

The final and most important thing we took away from our tour was, no matter how smelly or how much lactose cheeses contain (or don’t contain), they all taste delicious!

Click here to view Murray’s website.