Think Pink with City Winery Chicago

City Winery has embarked upon an entire month of ‘Think Pink, Drink Pink’ throughout April. On the wine side of things, this is excellent news. Rosé season is upon us, albeit early than usual. A brilliant opportunity to crack open the extensive array of pink wines on our list and celebrate the spring. From Austria through Italy, France and Spain, to New York, Oregon and California, still and sparkling, frizzante, and even a pink beer! A ‘white’ Pinot Noir with an onion skin translucent pink. Literally, a playground of rosé. We are certain there is a wine here that you will enjoy. Swing by to sample our special PINK! menu of exclusive by the glass options, purchase our freshly released ‘Pilsen Pink’ Pinot Noir Rosé from Oregon, crafted in-house here at City Winery, nibble on rosé inspired dessert, and enjoy the brighter (pink) side of wine. We shall enjoy and hope to share the experiences with you!

Glazed and Infused donuts made with our original pinot noir rosé

Beverage Director – Rachel Driver Speckan
Current favorite rosé: Of course, asking me to choose just one wine is an excruciating decision. Each day my choice will be different, and may even vary based upon my mood or the dish I have in front of me. But, today, inspired by the culture of pink at City Winery, my favorite is the Clos Cibonne rosé from Provence. The grape is Tibouren, yes, extremely obscure and rare. And, the wine has a fleeting hint, just a slight brush, of flor. Cascades of cherry blossom and freshly picked tart strawberries, salty green olives and marcona almonds mingle with lavender and the sea breeze, toasted bread and the rind of a crumbly cheese. Fascinating, but also exceptionally delicious. Check it on our the special rosé list this month!

Wine-Infused Flatbread Pizza Dough

Because we are a fully functioning winery, our kitchen has access to unusual ingredients from the winemaking process. A big advantage is I have a constant supply of wine “lees” and wine at my disposal. One very unique dish we make is our flatbread pizza dough, which we infuse with “lees.”

Wine lees refers to the dead or residual yeast that settles to the bottom of the vat of wine during fermentation. We use the white lees from white wine. The result is a flavor similar to sourdough, and you can actually detect the taste of wine in the dough. In case you were wondering, red wine produces a pink wine lees that, yes, will change the color of dough to purple and more greatly affects the flavor of the dough, so we steer away from using red wine lees.

Other than the addition of lees, we make our dough as simply as possible with only yeast, water, salt and high-gluten organic flour. It is mixed at various speeds for different times and proofs overnight.

We offer three different flatbreads made with this dough, our most popular being the Wild Mushroom Flatbread. The base is a bechamel sauce made with goat cheese, and we use a nice variety of mushrooms: velvet pioppini, Hen of the Woods, Honshimeji, oyster and nameko.

For our flatbreads that feature red sauce—such as our Margherita and Salame Flatbreads—our red sauce is a no-cook sauce. We use DOC San Marzanos tomatoes and mill them through a course food mill and only add salt to taste. San Marzano tomatoes are known for their bittersweet flavor as well as being less acidic than regular plum tomatoes.

Be sure to check out our flatbreads next time you’re in!

Andres Barrera