City Winery In Nashville

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City Winery – with locations in New YorkChicago and Northern California – has announced its fourth location, in Nashville.

Michael Dorf’s venue chain purchased 1.5 acres with a 30,000-square-foot building at 609 Lafayette in downtown Nashville Dec. 23.

The location is two blocks from the new Music City Convention Center and a half block from Third Man Records.

“Nashville is the perfect mix of a burgeoning food scene, deep music culture and hungry demographic looking for a higher-end entertainment option,” Dorf said.

The venue is expected to open in September with a 300-seat concert hall, 125-seat restaurant and a wine-making facility.

Dorf founded The Knitting Factory in 1987, sold his interest in 2003, and created City Winery in New York in 2008 after making a barrel of wine in California.

City Winery Expanding to Nashville, TN



We are thrilled to announce the location of City Winery Nashville at 609 Lafayette, two blocks from the new Music City Convention Center and a block from Jack White’s Third Man Records.  The 30,000 square foot warehouse, an ex-Sears warehouse turned to a cash and carry for a bit, will be converted into a 350-seated music venue, 150-capacity restaurant, winery, and several private event rooms.   The neighborhood, just on the edge of the hot “Gultch” is being bought up by hotels and other hospitality establishments to become one of the hottest nightlife areas in the southern Midwest.

Construction will start early in January and we expect to be open by September 2014. The facility will make an exciting addition to the burgeoning culinary scene in Nashville and complement and fit perfectly with the established and growing music community.